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Flex Belt FAQ: Getting Fit the Right Way


Are you out of shape? Are you concerned that you cannot use the Flex Belt as a result? There is no need to worry. People of all fitness levels can use this tool (flex belt – a thorough review), regardless of their ability level. All you need is a desire to improve your abs and the look of your body.


Schedule time to work with the Flex Belt once per day, for approximately half an hour. In less than two months time, you should see a difference in your appearance. Once you see the desired results, continue using this tool at least two times per week.


The Flex Belt is a simple tool that works quickly. Simply read the instructions to learn how to put the belt on. Then, you can go about your daily life while this tool works on your body for you. In half an hour, you are finished with your abdominal workout, even if you are attending to other things in your life at the same time.

You can also change the intensity of the belt. It starts at a level 1 and goes all the way up to 150. Therefore, there is a lot of customization available, which encourages you to continue progressing.

The Flex Belt feels good on; it does not hurt. The intensity you select affects the contractions that you feel around your middle.

This workout tool will not hurt you. The Federal Drug Administration has cleared it for use. There is also a guarantee associated with the product. If you do not like it for whatever reason, there is a 60 day money back policy. You do not even have to explain why you want to return the belt.

Keep in mind that this is not a cheap tool. Also, it does not target the whole body (just the abdomen). Therefore, it is important to think carefully about your fitness goals when deciding whether to make a purchase. In addition, some people mistakenly believe that the Flex Belt will help you lose weight. This is not the case, and it is not advertised as such. It is important to live a healthy life and use this tool to supplement your routine.

Making a Purchase

If you are interested in the Flex Belt, go to the official website. This is the only way to ensure that you are getting the real product.

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