Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

Introduction to Obesity and Its Related Diseases

Obesity is someone who has a lot of body fat in the body. Obesity is bad for the health because it can lead to various types of diseases. Obesity is calculated through height and weight of a person, and if the person’s bodyweight is more than 20% than the average, he or she is considered an obese. The BMI or Body Mass Index does not calculate your body fat. Although sometimes it is not 100% accurate, the body mass index can be a useful pointer to calculate an average person.


Most asked questions:

Why people become obese or overweight?

There are several answers and reason to this question. First and foremost, this could be because they eat too much high-calorie foods. According to research, billions of dollars have been spent in order to make people aware about eating unhealthy foods and obesity; however there are still majority of people who are still overeating and obese. Based on the Obesity Society, there are 14% of the adult population who are obese in 1980, USA. Surprisingly, in the year 2000 it was increased to 31% of obesity rate in USA alone.

Reason number two is living an inactive lifestyle. Technologies like televisions, computer, remote controls, washing machine, escalators, elevators, and other modern devices that helps us to maximize our time without putting out effort and energy has been leading us to more sedentary lifestyle. For example, years ago our grandparents had to go out in the mall and walk in order to buy their necessities or go shopping. In this time and age, we can “go” shopping by sitting in front of our computer and purchase things virtually. Physical activities have become an option and are not enjoyable anymore.

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